About Me

I grew up in sunny Southern California and have lived in the Twin Cities for over twenty years.  I have always loved crafts and to work with my hands.  In CA, I worked with beads for many years.  Upon moving to MN, I took up knitting.  I needed to keep warm!

I had purchased a spinning wheel ten years ago, but it didn't feel right at the time.  I of course kept it ... like any good crafter you keep everything!  Fast forward to Covid times and I decided to spin again and found a new world of fiber arts online.

My new love of spinning took me down the rabbit hole (love angora in batts and rolags) and I started working with raw fleeces.  I wash them, dye them, card them, pull locks and just sometimes spin them right out of the bag.  

I have learned so much about sheep breeds and where the yarn I have used for years actually comes from.